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Rwanda, Uganda sign medicine imports deal

Rwanda and Uganda have signed a bilateral agreement to open their markets for pharmaceutical products. In addition, the deal will boost the war against the cross-border trade in fake drugs. The deal will enhance exchange of information in pharmaceutical products with a framework to promote medical research and development of the pharmaceutical industry. Officials said the two countries will access drugs manufactured by companies across.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 9th October 2014

Kenya Rx pharma market to grow 11.8% a year

Kenya’s prescription pharmaceuticals market was worth $423.2 million last year, and is set to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.8% to 2019, say new forecasts. The market is heavily dependent on the private clientele, and affordability remains a primary restraint, together with low reimbursement rates, says the research, from Frost & Sullivan. Increasingly, urban consumers constitute Kenya’s primary.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 9th October 2014

Nairobi Showgoers Thrilled By New Farming Technologies

The Nairobi ASK trade fair was held last week and the main focus was on farming technologies. The theme of this year's show was enhancing technology in agriculture and industry for food security.   Many thronged the fair to get knowledge and information on the best farming technologies that would help them cope with the changing patterns of the weather that are being experienced currently. Here are a few of the technologies that were.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 9th October 2014

Kenyan farmers benefit from aid programme and Kiwi know-how

Twelve hundred smallholder avocado farmers in the central highlands of Kenya are benefiting from a five-year aid project involving Plant & Food Research and edible oils company Olivado. The New Zealand Aid programme has provided up to $4 million over five years to Plant & Food to help improve the productivity and quality of production from the farmers who supply Olivado’s Nairobi factory. The smallholder farmers generally have.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 9th October 2014

Reforming Agricultural Sector to Boost Production and Prices, Says President

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said his Government is undertaking major reforms in the agricultural sector to boost production and increase profits for farmers.   He said various agricultural institutions are being restructured with the aim of harmonizing operations so as to increase production in the sector.   Speaking when he officially opened this year's Nairobi International Trade Fair, President Kenyatta said what is remaining.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 9th October 2014

Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya set to benefit from Ethiopia s power supply

Ethiopia has connected its power grid with Sudan, Kenya and Djibouti in order to supply the countries with cheaper and cleaner hydropower processed electricity.   The Ethiopian Electric and Power Corporation (EEPCo) said on Monday that Ethiopia is currently exporting 195 megawatts of electricity to the three neighbouring countries, earning millions of dollars in return.   According to the state utility, Ethiopia is currently.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 8th October 2014

Tanzania to link up with Kenyan and Zambian grids by 2015

Tanzania will complete a $455 million power transmission line next year linking its power grid to Kenya and Zambia, part of plans to export electricity powered by its gas and coal reserves to neighbours, the Energy and Minerals Ministry said on Monday.       Tanzania, which has found commercial quantities of gas offshore and sits on big coal deposits, aims to double its generation capacity to 3,000 megawatts (MW) by 2016 to meet.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 8th October 2014

New Oil Fields Will Double Chad s Output By 2016

As new fields come on stream Chad’s finance minister Kordje Bedoumra says the West African country expects to see its oil production rise from its current 100,000 barrels per day to double that amount by the end of 2015.   “Our expectation is that by the end of this year we can move to 130,000 bpd and by the end of next year probably double that production because we will have new fields,” Bedoumra said in an interview.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 8th October 2014

KenGen Plans Joint Ventures for Kenyan Geothermal-Power Projects

Kenya Electricity Generating Co., the East African nation’s biggest power producer, plans joint ventures to complete its geothermal projects in Olkaria, Chief Executive Officer Albert Mugo said.   “Geothermal projects are capital-intensive and our balance sheet cannot support all the projects that we would wish to have,” Mugo said in an interview today in Nairobi, the capital. “That’s the reason we are going.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 8th October 2014

Matchedje Motor vehicle manufacturing factory in Mozambique

Matchedje Motor, a sole national automotive company that on Thursday last week launched campaign to sell its first 100 all-terrain vehicles priced at US$19,600, is planning a second-phase expansion of its vehicle manufacturing factory to produce 100,000 vehicles annually.   The company, which is currently producing all-terrain vans, buses and electric scooters produced locally on Mozambique soil, has the first phase of the factory already.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 8th October 2014

Kenya health sector attracts increasing foreign direct investments

Foreign direct investments into the Kenyan health sector have tripled thanks to conducive policy and legislative environment alongside demand for quality services among the burgeoning middle classes, officials have said. Ann Kirima, Chairperson of Kenya Investment Corporation (Keinvest), said Kenya has become a hub for medical technologies and innovations due to capital injection from multinationals. “Huge investments flow into the.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 8th October 2014

New referral hospital to be built in Eldoret, Kenya at US$ 563m

The Government of Kenya will construct a new referral hospital in Eldoret at a cost of US$ 563m. 200 acres of land have already been set aside for the construction project near the Eldoret’s GK prison. Construction works on the new referral hospital are expected to commence next year according to the Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto, with the said land already fenced in preparation for construction works. The funds required.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 8th October 2014

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