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Tanzania's Sardines Attract Markets in Developed World

Dar es Salaam — Dried sardines, known in Kiswahili as dagaa from Tanzania's fresh water bodies, have begun penetrating the Australian and Canadian markets to boost fish exports in the country.   Tanzania's exports of fish and fish products rose by 49.4 per cent in 2014 to reach $195 million from $130.6 million, according to the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) figures.   Government officials believe the increase might have been aided,.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 11th December 2015

Meru County to Start Processing Fish

Kanyakine Fish Factory constructed at a cost of Sh60 million is set to start processing fish from farms in Meru County.   The plant is capable of handing 15 tonnes of fish weekly once it is operationalised.   Speaking to the Nation, Meru county director of Fisheries Patrick Mbaabu said the fish factory will be run by a private firm or group of farmers.   He said the county government has put up two hatcheries with a capacity.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 11th December 2015

Uganda: Regional Tea Sales Grow By 6.4 Per Cent

Kampala — Despite experiencing a prolonged dry spell early in the year, East Africa registered a 6.4 per cent increase in tea sales at the Mombasa auction.   The latest auction report released on December 1 shows the region exported 8.9 million kilogrammes, up from 8.3 million sold around the same time last year.   Kenya recorded most sales. Out of the total tea exported, Kenya sold 7.2 million kilogrammes up from 6.3 million.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 11th December 2015

Italy Sees Ethiopia and Ghana As Priorities in its Africa Trade Partnership Plans

The Italian export credit agency SACE will join Italian companies on a trade mission, organized by the Ministry of Economic Development and led by Vice Minister Carlo Calenda to Ghana and Ethiopia. Vice Minister Calenda said on Tuesday (December 8) in Rome that the Italian Export Credit Agency (SACE) and other Italian companies now saw Ethiopia and Ghana as priorities in their plans to become African leading trading partners. Mr. Calenda.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 11th December 2015

France to invest in clean energy projects in Africa

France has revealed its plans to spend “billions of euros” on renewable energy and environmental projects in Africa over the next five years  hydelproject GiselaGiardino flickrFrance is keen to develop clean energy projects such as solar, wind and hydro in Africa. At the ongoing climate change summit COP21 in Paris, President Francois Hollande said that his government is planning to double investments in clean energy.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 11th December 2015

AREI receives US$10bn from several countries that pledge Clean Energy

 The Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) is being supported significantly by several countries that have pledged around US$10bn for clean energy projects in Africa  cleanenergy ArtemyoLagalag flickrThe goal of AREI is to supply atleast 300GW of power by 2030 to the African continent, through clean energy sources. At COP21 held in France, G7 countries Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and USA along with.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 11th December 2015

Atlas acquires East African bottling plant

 Atlas Development & Support Services Limited has announced it has completed its acquisition of East Africa Packaging Holdings Limited Atlas Development aleksandr huntaA glass bottle manufacturing facility will be built 45 km north of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.The Chancho Project, which will be rolled out by East Africa Packaging Holdings, will involve designing a glass bottle manufacturing facility 45km north of Addis Ababa,.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 11th December 2015

Promoting sericulture in Kenya

A sericulture research centre has been established at the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation in Thika Dr, Muo Kasina, director of the centre, said that it has been set up with the aim of stabilising the growth of the silk farming sub-sector in the Kenya, which is still under-developed at the moment. The centre is aimed at developing sericulture research in the country. The silk sector, he said, is a unique one because it is.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 10th December 2015

Italian Exports to Ghana up 30%

Italian exports to Ghana increased by 30 percent in the first eight months of 2015, compared to the same period last year, Italy’s Vice Minister, Ministry of Economic Development, Carlo Calenda has said. “In 2014, Italian exports to Ghana amounted to 160 million euros. “In the first eight months of 2015, these grew by 30 percent over the previous year,” Calenda said. The main sectors for Italian exports were.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 10th December 2015

Kenya: Government Told to Ban Exportation of Raw Soapstone

The soapstone carvers in Tabaka area in Kisii County have called on the government to impose a total ban on exportation of uncut soapstone from Kenya. According to Jared Nyabuto, a soapstone dealer, both the county and national government lose millions of shillings by selling uncut stones to international dealers who eventually sell them at higher prices. He noted that these dealers later polish the stones and sell them at massive profits.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 10th December 2015


Kenya has been granted a one-year extension to sugar import limits from a regional trade bloc to give it time to overhaul its ailing sugar industry, a Kenyan minister said on Monday. The arrangement capping cheaper imports from Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) was scheduled to expire in February 2016 but Kenya pleaded for more time to fix its sugar industry. "This COMESA extension will give interim comfort to.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 10th December 2015

Rwanda: U.S. Firm Completes Deal for Rwandan 50MW Power Plant

Symbion Power Lake Kivu Ltd, a subsidiary of American firm Symbion Power LLC, on Tuesday signed a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Rwanda Energy Group (REG) for a 50 Megawatt (MW) methane gas to power project.   The official signing involved Symbion Power CEO Paul Hinks, REG CEO Jean-Bosco Mugiraneza, and Minister of Infrastructure James Musoni. With the PPA signed, Symbion will now begin implementation activities including.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 10th December 2015

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