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Pepsi Grabs Delta's Market Share

By publicly announcing plans to set up a Pepsi bottling plant in the capital two weeks ago and conducting a groundbreaking ceremony, a matchstick that could ignite a competition powder keg in Zimbabwe's beverages sector could have been lit.   All along Delta Beverages had wondered who was behind the Pepsi beverages that flooded the market. Now, they know.   The months prior to the groundbreaking ceremony, consumers had seen.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 2nd December 2015

Meru County Allocates Sh1.69 Billion for Fish Farming Projects

Meru county government plans to channel at least Sh1.69 billion to promote fish farming.   Among the key target areas include establishment of a hatchery for warm fish fingerlings estimated to produce at least one million fingerlings annually, construction of demonstration fish ponds and mini fish feed processing machines.   According to Governor Peter Munya, the county government has already constructed two big trout farms in.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 2nd December 2015

Upbeat Paris climate talks will bear fruit in Africa

 UN sponsored climate talks got underway in France’s capital Paris this week with Africa’s top climate change negotiators upbeat that they will get a legally binding agreement this year.   Early ahead of the talks South African negotiators were not sure exactly how much money they want donors to put in to help developing countries adopt climate-friendly strategies.   A spokesman for South African President Jacob.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 2nd December 2015

Ascension Properties in Africa embraces sustainable energy

 South African real estate firm Ascension Properties is installing its first solar photovoltaic (PV) in Cape Town in a bid to reap financial rewards of green energy over the long-term.   The move will see the use of the embedded generation scheme available in Cape Town to enable the solar installation to feed any surplus electricity, produced by the PV system, back into the municipal electrical grid.   “With our main.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 2nd December 2015

African city to embark on infrastructure construction

 The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is set to embark on infrastructure construction projects that will see houses refurbished, roads resurfaced and potholes fixed.   The Municipality will spend R99m on the projects with Magennis Street, being one of the projects receiving R25m set aside for its reconstruction.   Magennis Street renovation initiative will be used for the Integrated Public Transport System (IPTS) buses if the.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 2nd December 2015

Kenya Ports Authority to construct new oil terminal

 The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) says the construction of a new oil terminal in Mombasa will start 2016 in a bid to give way for the relocation of the old Kipevu terminal and help in the expansion of the country’s petroleum handling and storage capacity by about 400% including loading facilities.   The relocation of the oil terminal will be overseen by a Danish consultancy firm, NIRAS.   Kenya Ports Authority Managing.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 2nd December 2015

Mozambique to Expand Gas Pipeline to SA

The Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (Rompco), a joint venture between Sasol, Companhia Mocambiçana de Gasoduto and South African Gas Development Company (iGas), plans to expand the 865km gas pipeline that transports gas from Mozambique to South Africa.   The US$210m expansion entails the installation of a pipeline parallel to the existing one from scraper station 1 (STS1), which is about 128km from the Central.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 1st December 2015

Nigeria: Bajaj Introduces New Tricycle Into Market

Lagos — Tricycle manufacturing company, Bajaj Auto Ltd and its partner, DAG Motorcycles has launched a new model to be known as Bajaj RE 'Keke,' which will deliver superior performance to customers.   "The new Bajaj RE is a model that is extensively tested and engineered to deliver superior performance and durability. It has an engine which is optimised to deliver superior power and torque, superior engine cooling and very low.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 1st December 2015

Kia Rio Wins Nigeria's Car of the Year Award

Lagos — The Kia Rio beat some very steep competition to earn the prestigious 2015 Car of the Year accolade, receiving the highest number of votes from motoring journalists across the country.   The Kia Rio conquered some high-performance challengers to take the victory amongst all nominated vehicles at the annual Nigerian Automobile Journalists Association (NAJA) awards. The Kia Rio was adjudged to have ticked all the boxes in terms.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 1st December 2015

Kenya: AfDB Gives Kenya U.S.$39.5 Million for Irrigation Projects

Kenya has received $39.55 million from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to support small-scale irrigation projects, expected to improve yields, incomes and nutrition in rural areas.   AfDB's agriculture and agro-industry director Chiji Ojukwu said the funding would help reduce poverty by enhancing agricultural productivity.   "The programme is aligned with Kenya's Medium Term Plan (MTP-II 2013-17) to modernise its.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 1st December 2015

Tanzania: Government in New Plan to Boost Productivity in Farming

Dodoma — The government is considering to end its role in deciding when and where farmers should sell their produce to enhance productivity, an official in the Prime Ministers' Office has said.   The plan, he said, was to soon get rid of an era in which the state has the say on farmers' produce.   "This has been a stakeholders' discussion that since we are advocating agribusiness it is better to leave farmers decide.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 1st December 2015

Ministry of Minerals Signs Three Agreements to Explore Gold in Some States

Khartoum — The Ministry of Minerals signed three franchise agreements with national and foreign companies to operate in gold mining and other minerals.   The Minister of Minerals Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Sadiq Al-Karuri signed, on behalf of the government of Sudan, a concession agreement with Italian company to explore gold at Delgo locality in the Northern State.   The Director of the Italian company stressed his full determination.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 1st December 2015

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