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South Africa sends first batch of lychee to USA

South Africa has exported its first batch of lychee to the USA this month, said the country’s department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries   The shipment arrived in Atlanta, was irradiated and then transhipped to the relevant agents, said officials. South Africa is a major lychee producer and experts believe the USA is a good market for the fruit. So far, the country mainly exports to the EU as well as to the Middle.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 15th January 2016

C-MRF launched by COMESA to improve grain trade

 The COMESA Mutual Recognition Framework (C-MRF) has been launched to facilitate grain trade between COMESA nations   The goal of the C-MRF, launched in Uganda last week, is to establish common grading criteria for maize, enable proficiency testing for aflatoxin analysis and risk-based sampling protocol. The roadmap will provide analytical results and recognise analysis certificates issued by labs of participating countries,.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 15th January 2016

Tata subsidiary to increase exports of pulses from Tanzania

 Tata Africa Holdings (Tanzania) Ltd has plans to increase exports of pulses to India   The company, a subsidiary of Tata International, began exporting pulses from Tanzania around a year and half ago. So far, has achieved an export volume of 5,000 tonnes of pulses and now plans to scale up the business, mainly because India experiences a shortfall.    Tata Africa Holdings (Tanzania) Ltd executive director Ajay Mehra.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 15th January 2016

Kenyan port and airport to be connected via US$31mn road

 A road connecting Port Reitz and Moi International Airport in Kenya has been commissioned by President Uhuru Kenyatta portroad The Port Reitz road will be the only way to access the Moi International Airport and links the second container terminal at the Mombasa Port to the Northern Corridor, East and Central Africa.  The road is being financed by UK’s Department of International Development (DFID) through Trademark East.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 15th January 2016

UK Govt Funds Solar Power Project for Kenya

 The UK government has invited contractors to generate solar power for three villages in Turkana County in a new business model aimed at promoting privately operated mini-grids.   The project, funded through the Department for International Development (DFID), aims at promoting use of solar power in far flung regions not connected to the national electricity grid.   The project, being implemented by Barclays Bank of Kenya, has.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 15th January 2016

U.S.$15 Million Investment Deal Signed towards FoodAgro Development

 A USD 15.1 million investment contract was signed Wednesday in Luanda between the Technical Unit for Private Investment (UTIP) and the firm Novagrolider- Exploração, Agro-pecuária Lda.   The deal is meant for agro-industrial and agro-farming production of fruits and vegetables.   The contract was signed by UTIP director, Ernesto Manuel Norberto Garcia, and Novagrolider group manager, João.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 15th January 2016

Namibia: Crop Cultivation in Full Swing in the North

The land is covered in greenery and the livestock are slowly starting to show signs of recovery from the fresh nutrition brought by the recent rains. Although it is not certain whether the dry spell experienced last year has finally been broken, communal farmers are optimistic that the trend of assisting livestock to get up every morning is gradually coming to an end. Of late many farmers have had to assist their livestock to stand up in order.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 14th January 2016

Zimbabwe: Best Fruit Processors Expects 20 000 Tonnes

Newly established fruit processing firm Best Fruit Processors says it expects to process 20 000 tonnes of fruit this year at its Norton plant with revenue projected at $4,6 million. Best Fruit Processors is a joint venture between Schweppes Zimbabwe's 100 percent owned Beit-Bridge Juicing Co and the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority.   Last week, the company started test production of mango juice at the Norton facility, about.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 14th January 2016

DPI Plastics donates pipe and fittings for Plastics SA marine conservation project

DPI Plastics has stepped up to the plate in helping to preserve South Africa’s marine heritage by sponsoring a major sustainability initiative promoted by Plastics SA.   The international plastics industry made a commitment during the 5th Marine Debris Conference in 2011 to focus on the issue of plastic waste within the marine environment.   “The issue of marine debris forms a major part of our portfolio, and includes.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 14th January 2016

Innovative Equipment Finance Demand Gathers Momentum

Things have changed in business recently and continue to do so at a rapid rate. Our business environment is not just South Africa or even Africa anymore; it’s the world. Through globalisation, our markets are easily accessible and vice versa.   Countries like China and India and many more emerging economies are selling products in South Africa at extremely competitive prices, making it extremely difficult for South African.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 14th January 2016

Konica Minolta South Africa Announces Local Availability Of New JT Suite 6

Konica Minolta South Africa, a division of Bidvest Office (Pty) Ltd, has announced the local availability of the new JT Suite 6, a more flexible, modular version of the successful JT software suite. As a powerful but easy to use solution for in-house print facilities and smaller commercial printers, the JT Suite 6 provides essential functionality, minimising costs and maximising return on investment.   When it comes to print production,.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 14th January 2016

China boosts electricity project in Africa with $800m

 China has pledged to finance an electricity project in Ivory Coast with US$800m. The project involves the expansion of the country’s electrical grid with the aim of supplying electricity to 500 towns.   Ivory Coast on its part is expected provide additional sum of US$41m towards the funding of the power project. The government will be responsible for the installation of the 1,955km of high-tension lines as well as the.... Read more »

Posted on : Thursday , 14th January 2016

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