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Phoenix Energy to construct mega solar power plant in Africa

 One of the leading Lebanese energy companies Phoenix Energy is now set to construct one of the largest solar power plant in Egypt after clinching a contract for the same.   According to the officials from the Lebanese firm, the project will be constructed near Luxor and Aswan region in the country. According to the officials, the project is expected to be one of the biggest in Egypt.  Phoenix Energy will install over 200,000.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 3rd February 2016

Construction of major highway at Kenya’s Coast to begin

 Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has confirmed that the construction of a major highway at Kenya’s Coast is set to begin later this year. The Garsen-Witu-Lamu road in Kenya is expected to boost business and economic growth in the area once complete.   KeNHA made an official announcement stating that the paving of the road will begin following the advertisement of the tender in the daily newspapers. The successful.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 3rd February 2016

East Africa Rising: Construction Opportunities

 As the international construction market becomes more globalised and competition for untapped markets increase, Africa especially East Africa has seen extensive influx of foreign capital. Increasingly firms are taking advantage of the lucrative potential of a continent that is still largely lacking access to basic infrastructure, to build adequate transport networks, water supply, functional power grids and formal housing for its growing.... Read more »

Posted on : Wednesday , 3rd February 2016

DP World Creates 5-Point Africa Plan

 A five point plan to help tackle Africa’s infrastructure gap is among the findings of a new DP World report unveiled at the Africa Global Business Forum.   Public private partnerships, domestic bond financing, monitoring the life cycle of infrastructure by maintaining and upgrading existing stock, enhanced trade integration and improved trade facilitation are key points raised in the study ‘Africa At The Crossroads:.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 2nd February 2016

East African Pharmaceutical Signs U.S.$42 Million Agreement with UK Based Firm

 Addis Pharmaceutical Factory (APF) signed a 42 million dollar partnership agreement with 54 Capital Ltd., a UK-based asset management equity firm, which has investments in different countries in Africa.   APF, one of the many businesses under the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT), ceded 40.7pc of its equity in exchange for the indicated sum, which comes to 891 million Br.   "54 Capital can now play.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 2nd February 2016

Qatar seeks to construct major project in East Africa

Diversified Qatari real estate firm Ezdan Holding Group has announced its interest to enter the Ethiopian market with a proposed  mega tourist project in Ethiopia. The proposed 150,000m² resort construction project will features a high-quality technical specifications in terms of facilities and services which will contribute in raising the quality of real estate products available in the Ethiopian market.   Speaking during a.... Read more »

Posted on : Tuesday , 2nd February 2016

Industrial technology is raisining Kenya’s GDP

The word ‘economy’ has connotations of big business, office-based industry and online-based markets Kenya John WollwerthMobile technology is important in Kenya with 82 per cent of the population owning a mobile phone. Economies like the US and the UK are largely based on retail and the service sector, providing a strong flow of GDP and adding to growth. For Kenya, farming and agriculture come to mind, contributing as of the.... Read more »

Posted on : Monday , 1st February 2016

Tanzania Plans $10bn Mega-Port

 In a bid to transform Bangamoyo, Tanzania into a regional trade and logistics hub, the Tanzanian government has secured investments totalling $10 billion to build a mega-port, according to Tuscor Lloyds.   The project has received around $10.7 billion in finance from China and Oman, which will be used to develop port facilities in order to boost Bagamoyo’s capacity to 20 million TEU.   As well as seeing an increase in.... Read more »

Posted on : Monday , 1st February 2016

Exports hold the key to Kenya’s economic take-off

 Kenya’s import orientation has revealed key flaws. One clear problem is having a chronic and substantial current account deficit.   Secondly the government has to be hawk-eyed about the shilling depreciation to keep import bills manageable. Third, the country is unable to generate forex to pay foreign-denominated debt.   Finally, Kenya’s import economy exacerbates the country’s unemployment.... Read more »

Posted on : Monday , 1st February 2016

US firm to plan for power supply in Mutli-million dollar Tatu City in Kenya

 A multi-million satellite complex Tatu City in Kenya , has announced that it had appointed US-based firm Power Engineers Inc to plan on power infrastructure for use within the industrial complex.   Power Engineers is one of the largest consulting engineering firms in the United States   Tatu City in Kenya management said that The Power Engineers Inc is well suited for the job having worked with clients such as the World Bank,.... Read more »

Posted on : Saturday , 30th January 2016

Construction firm Murray and Roberts wins big with new International contracts

 Construction firm Murray and Roberts has announced that its subsidiaries, Clough and CH-IV International have secured contracts for projects in the oil and gas sectors in South Korea and the US.   Construction firm Murray & Roberts, a group of world-class companies and brands is a JSE listed group with headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa.   According to the group, Samsung Heavy Industries had awarded Clough a.... Read more »

Posted on : Saturday , 30th January 2016

East Africa and China deepen ties, sign trade agreement

 Djibouti’s president has signed an agreement with China to set up a trade zone and establish legal framework to let Chinese banks operate in the country, according to a Reuters report Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh stated the aim is to have the first phase completed and operational before end of 2016  The trade zone is expected to cover an area of 48 sq km. The first phase covers an area of 1.5 sq km and is aimed to be.... Read more »

Posted on : Friday , 29th January 2016

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