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Kenya Plans To Build Wind Energy Program

Posted on : Tuesday, 12th August 2014

 The Kenyan government is planning to scale up its wind power programme in the near future, planning to increase their own use of renewable energy as well as attempting to increase interest in wind power investment.

A Kenyan governmental delegation has been touring Europe, visiting countries such as Germany and Denmark, facilitated by the World Wide Energy Association (WWEA) and organised by Windforce Management which is aiming to analyse and improve the Kenyan wind power conditions. Their stops in Germany and Denmark so far have allowed the delegates to learn from wind power representatives from industry, science, and government. These stops included wind developers, operators, and equipment manufacturers, governmental agencies, international organisations and associations, as well as research and training institutions.

Mr Isaac Kiva, Acting Director for Renewable Energy at the Kenyan Ministry for Energy said:

“Kenya intends to increase its power sector in the near future substantially, primarily by expanding the use of renewable energy. Wind power has to play a key role in this, and we have been glad to hear from the practical experience in Germany and Denmark. Kenya has just announced a plan to increase the power generation by an additional 5000 Megawatts in the next 40 months, and wind energy will form a substantial portion of this new capacity. The study tour helped us to understand and appreciate the necessary policy and regulatory frameworks, as well as other key drivers for effective wind energy development programmes. Key elements of the tour were the understanding of advancement in wind energy grid integration technologies and  arrangements, which make it possible to inject higher percentages of wind than previously conservatively stated.”

“We are very pleased about Kenya’s ambitious plans in wind power and that we can help the government of Kenya with practical advice from our members on how to implement wind technology in Kenya, both for grid-connected as well as for off grid applications,” said Mr Stefan Gsänger, WWEA Secretary General. ”Given that Kenya is setting up the right policies in the near future, the country is about to become the wind power hub of Eastern Africa.”

“After conducting an elaborate country study of wind resources in Kenya, we felt it was necessary to connect the policy makers and the main stake holders in Kenya with the international wind industry,” said Dr Jami Hossain, Chief Mentor and co-founder of Windforce Management. ”Lessons learned in leading countries like Denmark and Germany in areas of technology, grid integration and regulatory frameworks can be guiding factors for the evolving wind sector in Kenya.

“The wind power potential in Kenya is tremendous and our study has identified many excellent sites in the country which could be used to significantly enhance availability of power in grid-connected and off grid modes,” Hossain added. “With excellent leadership and interest from the Ministry of Energy, we see Kenya emerging as a hub of wind energy developments in East Africa.”

Source : www.theenergycollective.com
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