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d.Light Solar Starts New Outlet in Nairobi: Kenya

Posted on : Monday, 2nd November 2020

Sun Solutions provider d.light Solar has developed a new outlet in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, with the goal of growing customer response time during the coronavirus pandemic era. As per the firm, the 500-capacity centre will host its customer service team to boost customer experience and ensure business continuity amid the health crisis.

“It is extremely important for us and I believe to the largest extent the entire corporate world must readjust and readjust how we serve our clients in the wake of the challenge of having to adhere to the safety protocols,” said d.light Solar Chief Operations Officer, Jacob Okoth,

The company says that its solar energy solutions have so far influenced the lives of at least 100 million people in the country, with the goal of accelerating the number in the next decade.

“The new call center will be the first of the many important changes for the company relating to its vision to transform one billion lives by 2030,” said d.light Solar Head of Customer, Lilian Njoki.

Okoth has said although the firm has service centres across the country, the new one has been built and structured to respond to the reality of the coronavirus pandemic.

“With the new contact center, accommodating over 500 agents, the company will cater to the increasing number of customers which will be more accessible and will meet and exceed customer expectations by delivering great customer service.”  Okoth added.

Managing Director Alex Olum said that a new station that adheres to health protection measures would also improve service capabilities as well as a major increase in the implementation of solar energy solutions.

“Customers will no longer just walk in and out of offices, so the opportunity for them to be attended at first instance through the call centre to determine the best way to address their concerns reduces the risk of person to person contact,” said Olum.

D.ligh Solar is one of the 18 renewable energy companies that earned around US$ 4.6 million in funding under the Kenya  

OffGrid Solar Access Project (KOSAP) to provide standalone solar systems and clean cooking solutions to households in 14 counties, currently underserved by the national electricity grid.

Source : www.innzaf.com
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