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Plastics recycling can avert plastic ban in Kenya

Posted on : Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Advocacy by manufacturers to support plastic recycling striving in avoiding the ban towards the use of the plastic material for packaging commodity.


With Kenya's stringent rules against use of plastics to protect the environment. Following which the ban was carried on with the prohibition of single-use plastics in protected areas including national parks, forests and beaches. Plastics are, however, still allowed in packaging of commodity like bread and soda and manufacturers say this may continue if recycling is stepped up.


A program called the Plastic Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) was launched by Mucai Kunyiha the chairman of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) which will support the collection of used plastic containers and oversee its recycling resolution.


“PRO will escalate the speed of recycling and collection concurrently by creating market and value for the recycled plastics. It'll enhance development of a second user plastics value chain while developing products designed for recyclability,” he said.


PRO members, drawn from manufacturers using plastic material also as plastic material makers and importers also as retailers must participate in facilitating collection of used plastic containers for onward delivery to recyclers.


Netherlands ambassador Maarten Brouwer during the launch said to Kenya that the involvement of KAM’s in the management of plastic waste is critical in propelling the “greening” conversation when looking from a corporation’s point of view.


“The government in the process of supporting these efforts can provide investment in research and development, financial incentives and support innovation. This shall encourage industries to be willing to seek out and explore an experiment with various solutions which can be used to manage waste within the environment,” said the ambassador.


The ambassador also commented that converting waste management challenges into new opportunities in business will lead to creation of new businesses, beat up new jobs and products resulting with benefiting the local economy.


The director environmental education and awareness within the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ayub Macharia, welcomed the event saying PRO will enhance plastic waste collection there by mitigating challenges associated with littering especially in urban areas.


Source : www.newswire.co
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