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Matchedje Motor, Mozambique to expand local vehicle manufacturing factory

Posted on : Saturday, 15th November 2014

Matchedje Motor, a sole national automotive company that on Thursday last week launched campaign to sell its first 100 all-terrain vehicles priced at US$19,600, is planning a second-phase expansion of its vehicle manufacturing factory to produce 100,000 vehicles annually.

The company, which is currently producing all-terrain vans, buses and electric scooters produced locally on Mozambique soil, has the first phase of the factory already operational but is planning to undertake second-phase expansion for the vehicle manufacturing factory in 2016-17.

Expansion of the facility after the second phase will later help the company produce 500, 000 vehicles per year. The company is also planning to expand its market in Africa. Machava vehicle manufacturing factory unit expansion should see the company produce other ranges of vehicles.

The current phase in operation comprises of two assembly lines, an inspection area and a painting area. Expansion of the vehicle manufacturing factory to producing 500, 000 vehicles a year later on will see the company increase value to about US$ 150 bn.

Matchedje Motor, a venture between China’s Tong Jian Investment Co. Ltd and a local firm, was formed three years ago. The company is also targeting to sell 30, 000 vehicles annually through a network of distributors/dealers in the country and other regions, who it is already seeking.

Source : constructionreviewonline.com
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