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A-MAP Launches Promotional Campaign In Ethiopia To Promote ASIMCO Auto Parts

Posted on : Monday, 4th November 2019

A-MAP has promoted an extensive advertising and marketing campaign to promote ASIMCO automotive spare parts in the Ethiopian market. with the aim to further boost the reputation and scope of ASIMCO auto parts in Ethiopia, Al Muqarram Auto Parts (A-MAP) has launched advancing promotional campaign in Ethiopia. 

Ethiopia is one of Africa's fastest growing economies and has the continent's second largest population. Subsequently, multiple of ASIMCO shop boards and posters are now visible across Ethiopia in auto service centers as well as spare parts shops

Recognized remarkably for its outstanding quality products since its debut in the market in 2001. Asimco has well-established a superiority for developing and manufacturing premium friction products. Products under its portfolio comprises of brake shoes, brake pads, fuel pump, disc rotor, brake fluid and shock absorber. Over the past years, Asimco quality promoted the strong growth in market share and sold in almost 65 countries. Asimco brake pads and shoes are fashioned to give drivers fascinating brake feel. Its product is sold as a kit when servicing a vehicle, it includes premium shims manufactured by MSC to diminish braking harmonics to almost an inaudible level. Suitable hardware is provided and plated to build the durability of accessory components to prevent from rust and various road setting from downgrading the products life span.

A-MAP has emanated as a global market leader and with the experience of over 15 years, specializing in the delivery of quality and reliable aftermarket automotive spare parts. A-MAP not only distributes products, it distributes prominence. A-MAP has built a series of outstanding and well known trusted brands worldwide, among them being  Sebang Batteries, Solite Batteries, Hyundai Xteer Lubricants, Achilles Tyres, Asimco Brake Pads and RBI Rubber Parts. With the headquarters running in Dubai, A-MAP has a strong network of branches fully operational in, South Africa, China and Qatar.

A-MAP was able to produce business with Asimco through alliances with key players in the East Africa market through their marketing and networking efforts. Asimco products of auto parts are prominent with African customers because of their good quality and competitive pricing. Al Muqarram Auto Parts (A-MAP), Promotional activities in the African market have further strengthened ASIMCO auto parts as the prime brand of choice for African customers.

Source : www.ifkh.com
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