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Rwanda - Brewery Factory Being Set-Up in Kamonyi District

Posted on : Wednesday, 11th October 2017

 Paul Mubiligi, the Board Chairman of Southern Province Investment Corporation (SPIC) has announced that a factory is in the process of being set-up in the Kamonyi District. The purpose of the factory will be to brew sorghum beer, a nonalcoholic drink, known locally as ‘Ikigage’. A non-alcoholic drink called ‘Ubushera’ will also be a part of the factory’s agenda.

Mr. Mubiligi said that construction will commence as soon as next month with brewing activities expected to start by March 2018.
The factory will have the capacity to process around 12,000 liters of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages daily. This amount will suffice only for one or two days in the current market according to Mr. Mubiligi, due to the sheer size of the market.
An estimated two tons of maize and sorghum will be required to feed the factory. Materials will be properly tested before going to the factory; this will be done to ensure that quality is never compromised.
The drinks will be packaged and sold in half-liter bottles and will have a shelf life of sixth months.
"The factory will make drinks that a person can consume safely just after purchase, or take away for future consumption like any other processed and bottled drinks such as sodas or beers," Mubiligi said.
Mr. Mubiligi also revealed that the drinks will be priced in accordance with the prices of other similar products on the market.  
The Kamonyi District has also provided a plot of land for the factory and will also hold shares worth a whopping Rwf 110 million.
The project is expected to offer job new opportunities to locals and promote more investment into the district.  
While speaking about raw materials, he said that there is enough maize produced locally in the Kamonyi District for the factory to operate.

Source : Business News Africa
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