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Kenya's Floriculture Industry is put at the world's center stage

Posted on : Wednesday, 6th August 2014

 Marking its third year anniversary, the International Flower Trade Expo (IFTEX) is going a step further in positioning the Kenyan Floriculture Industry as a brand name at the international level by reaching the number one position of being the largest cut flower trade fair in Africa and top three for the most important flower growers trade fairs in the world by attracting the best flower growers, breeders, brokers, exporters, propagators and floriculture suppliers. 

Working hand in hand with this excelling fair, Amiran Kenya, a major frontrunner in the provision of modern agricultural innovations to the floriculture and horticulture sectors is continually improving its range of products to complete the supply chain by supporting and further positioning these flower growers in the world markets as trustworthy and reliable suppliers with exceptional produce. 
In the expo that attracted more than 5, 000 participants from over 50 countries, Amiran during the IFTEX 2014, introduced new products such as Cyflamid 5EW, Amiran Plastic Mulch, Dipnoy and uManageTM that are aimed at improving yields, reduce production costs and minimizing loss. 
With roses accounting to 70 percent Kenya’s flower exports, Amiran clearly understands the need to continuously help rose farmers have an enjoyable farming experience, thus the introduction of Cyflamid 5EW, a novel fungicide from Japan. Cyflamid EW is a protectant fungicide with excellent preventive, curative and long residual activity against powdery mildew.
In the same line to help attain higher quality yields, the Amiran Plastic Mulch is an effective, safe generation product from Ginegar Limited, the world’s 2nd largest producer of plastic. Brought into the country during the 2007-8 drought that hit most parts of Kenya, Amiran Plastic Mulch has helped farmers to save on cost, reducing evaporation, providing an excellent environment for root development and reduce weeds that compete with crops for water.
uManage TM from Netafim, the Israeli multinational company that invented drip irrigation, is an advanced real-time crop management decision support system (DSS). uManage TM is a centralized end to end software solution for open field farmers and greenhouse operators covers all crop management processes from planting and control to monitoring and analysis.
As new trends emerge, Kenyan flower growers in the future will have to innovate continuously in order to remain competitive, the farmers will need to respond to the permanent pressure on margins, professionalism and face growers in abroad countries with excellent knowledge system. Exhibitions and flower events such as IFTEX serve to give these farmers a chance to continuously improve their farming knowledge. Amiran is one such exhibitor in events such as this that is increasing partnerships and always carrying out research and investigations on the new, easy and highly effective farming methods, priding itself in helping Kenyan flower growers remain a leader in the world flower markets.

Source : www.amirankenya.com
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