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Chinese Assisting with Advanced Agricultural Technology in Ethiopia

Posted on : Tuesday, 29th November 2016

Chinese instructors working in various Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education Training (ATVET) colleges in Ethiopia are assisting the advancement of skills in agricultural technology, Coordinator of the Chinese ATVET Project in Ethiopia said.

Coordinator Dr. Li Roggang told ENA that the Chinese instructors specialized in veterinary, agriculture mechanization, plant science and natural resource fields are providing practical training in Alage, Agarfa ATVET, and Holeta TVET colleges.
"The objective of the program is to bring Chinese new technology to Ethiopia to help implement the country's agriculture led industrialization strategy", Dr. Li said.
Through the program, a group of field experiment demonstration sites and modern labs, over 50 Chinese new crop varieties, about 160 Chinese advanced and practical technologies have been transferred.
Over the last 16 years, the Chinese instructors have contributed in various aspects including donation of large quantity of machinery and equipment, construction of demonstration sites and fish ponds as well as publication of textbooks.
Referring to the vital role of Chinese instructors including in creating skill development training opportunities for Ethiopian instructors, the Coordinator said: "Such short and long term contributions act as bridge between the Ethiopian and Chinese university, colleges, institutes and enterprises."
"There are many lessons we get from the Chinese including their commitment to job. Especially, at the beginning, they give us skill based training which contribute to the advancement of the nationwide training programs," said Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources ATVET Coordination Office Coordinator Haile Gebeyehu.
Haile added: "Besides their practical work experience, the Chinese instructors are leading by example in their commitment to the job."
Centered on education and training, Chinese instructors together with Ethiopian colleagues have been engaged in field and lab experiment demonstration, standard developing, textbook writing, machine and equipment donation, scientific research, among others.
The program has produced significant political, social and economic impacts receiving the attention of senior officials and the media as well as international organizations.
Since 2001, some 425 Chinese instructors have been deployed to various TVET centers in Ethiopia with additional 20 senior agricultural instructors set to join their fellow countrymen in a bid to promote agricultural and economic cooperation between the two countries.
Over 6,000 Ethiopian instructors and development agents as well as about 45,000 students received Chinese assisted training while over 100 college deans and instructors from Ethiopia received short and long term training in China.

Source : allafrica.com
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