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Tanzania: Moroccan Investors Invited in Key Sectors

Posted on : Wednesday, 26th October 2016

 Minister for Industries, Trade and Investments, Mr Charles Mwijage has called Moroccan investors to direct their capital in agriculture and development of industries in the country.

Mr Mwijage was speaking amid the ongoing three-day state visit of Moroccan King, Mohamed VI in the country. He said his visit to Tanzania is set to boost bilateral investment and strengthen economies of the two countries.
Mr Mwijage said the government is looking forward to convince Moroccan investors to focus on agriculture sector in the country. He said Bank of Africa (BOA) in Tanzania is expected to get a big boost after the visit of King Mohamed VI and that probably, Tanzanians will manage to get low interests loans.
"We want Moroccan investors to focus on agriculture and invest in agriculture bank, this will help to boost agriculture sector in the country," he said.
He said many countries across the World are looking for investment areas especially in agriculture and that Moroccan investors could use the opportunity to invest and export processed agriculture products from Tanzania.
"Morocco is a fifth largest economy in Africa, this means they are strong economically, therefore they can team up with Tanzania investors to boost our economies," said Mr Mwijage.
He added that Morocco is one of the strong countries that have invested in petrol and petrol chemicals and that their knowledge could be used to boost energy sector in Tanzania.

Source : allafrica.com
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