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Saving power bills with new LED lights

Posted on : Tuesday, 4th October 2016

 Nairobi; Kenya: A local company has unveiled new lights that cut the cost electricity by more than 90 per cent. This is after realising how high cost of electricity deeply affects factories, homes and offices.

High power costs have seen institutions and individuals employ new measures to reduce operational costs. Kenya Power has also been sensitising Kenyans on the importance of saving power by issuing households with free energy saving bulbs instead of the conventional ones.
With individuals and factories still grappling on how to save on their electricity bills, Emitting Diode (LED) lights recently unveiled by LED Africa Ltd are changing the rules of the game. The firm offers a wide range of quality lighting products designed to fit in the existing fittings with a three year warranty.
Operational performance
Company Managing Director Kumar Sheth says LED lighting reduces power usage more than conventional bulbs while maintaining operational performance. The LED lighting use energy saving product under the brand name: STELLA.
“In Kenya, offering quality lighting products has been a challenge. This is one of the reasons why people in the rural areas do not have adequate lighting products,” he told The Standard in a recent interview. “It doesn’t matter whether the existing lighting is incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide or sodium. When improving lighting energy performance LED sources have become the number one efficiency recommendation.”
Sheth explains that LED Africa products range are based on 100 per cent material that complements well with renewable sources of energy such as solar energy, adding that the company’s products have in-built surge protection of up to 700 volts.
“Even old installations can switch to LEDS without any stoppage of work. A five storey building can change to LED lights in just 12 hours,” Sheth says, adding that energy saving is essential to help reduce global warming. “It is a tool for increasing profit levels in highly competitive markets. STELLA has an advantage of energy saving energy, longer usage, better quality of lights and a three year replacement guarantee.”
“LED light from Stella are the latest in Africa lighting market, which not only helps save energy up to 90 per cent compared conventional lighting products, but is also pollution free,” he says. He observes that despite LEDs being popular in energy efficiency on the market, the rate of adoption has not been that faster.

Source : www.standardmedia.co.ke
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