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Tanzania: CTI Study Roots for Expertise Sharing to Industrialise Tanzania

Posted on : Thursday, 15th September 2016

 Dar es Salaam — Industrialists have advised the government to strengthen the Small Industries Development Organisation (Sido) and support small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to form business groups and clusters.

They have said by so doing such parties will share expertise vital for industrialisation. Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) chairman Samuel Nyantahe said the organisation had prepared a report on fast-tracking industrialisation.
Dr Nyantahe said it was important for groups to share expertise in quality control, packaging, labelling, business codes and large volume orders, market information and negotiation power.
According to him, an industrial cluster may include financial providers, service vendors and training institutes. "Clustering offers unique opportunities for firms not only to take advantage of a wide array of domestic links but also to create both competition and collaboration which stimulates the potential for learning and innovation."
He said there was a need to tap on experiences and good practices from manufacturers, processors, large-scale farmers and exporters to promote and expedite quick wins.
He said the current manufacturers, processors, large-scale farmers and exporters have to be involved in this endeavour from the beginning including strengthening the consultative mechanism between stakeholders in industry and the government. "These important players should slowly start referring to the industrialisation plan as their plan and not the government's plan." he said.

Source : allafrica.com
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