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EOI: EPCM contractor for Phase 1, Corbetti project, Ethiopia

Posted on : Friday, 2nd September 2016

 In a release yesterday, Corbetti Geothermal PLC is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from interested parties for EPCM services for the first phase of the Corbetti geothermal project in Ethiopia, Africa.

Corbetti Geothermal PLC is developing a geothermal power project in the Corbetti caldera in Ethiopia.  The first phase of the project includes plans to install two (2) new wellhead backpressure turbines with total capacity of 10 MW.
To provide steam to the wellhead turbines, Corbetti Geothermal plans to drill five (5) wells on at least two (2) well-pads. The 5 wells are expected to allow for a complete assessment of the geothermal resource.  It is however anticipated that only two wells will be needed for the backpressure turbines.  A drilling contractor will drill 5 wells. Corbetti Geothermal, with the support of third party geothermal experts, will test the wells.
The EPCM services should include not only the wellhead plant but also the substation and connection. The scope of the project will thus include construction of a substation and connection to the EEP system at 132 kV, requiring a transmission line of approximately 10 km of 15 kV line from the wellhead units to the substation.
The EPCM services (Services) required for this project include but are not limited to:
Engineering: Owners consultant, Mannvit-Verkis, will provide a provisional design for virtually all aspects of the project. The Engineer will confirm the design, modify it as necessary, supplement the design as required, and produce procedures and testing protocols necessary to complete the project.  Thus, the Engineer will assume full responsibility for the design.
Procurement: Procure all equipment, materials and services needed for successful implementation of 10 MW (net) generating capacity with two 5 MW back pressure turbines. It is expected that the Company will be the signatory on the purchase contracts for the high value equipment.
Construction: Manage and construct all works related to the project from the wellheads to the EEP connection point. Enter into sub-contracts as necessary for this work.
Commissioning: Undertake all work necessary to commission the project. For the BP turbines, it is expected that the commissioning will be done in cooperation with the BP turbine supplier.

Source : www.thinkgeoenergy.com
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