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Kenya sets Ksh 3B for compiling geological map

Posted on : Tuesday, 30th August 2016

 The Ministry of Mining has received Ksh 3 billion from the government to compile a new geological map detailing available pockets of minerals and their quantities.

Only 4 per cent of Kenya’s minerals have been located and mined, according to official estimates from the ministry, prompting the need for a clear study to inform prospective investments.
The Ministry, through ‘Project Tai’, will identify specific areas where minerals, water, oil, gas and other natural resources can be found around the country and it is expected to take  five years, where  the specialized airborne system will be used.
“We will be flying planes across the country, with powerful cameras that will help scan for minerals, and together with a 16-member-committee of geologists and a qualified contractor, they will help zero in on where all minerals are,” CS mining Dan Kazungu said.
The exercise was last done in the 1950s by the British government. However, recent innovations and technologies have enhanced capabilities to better identify the minerals and attract investments from the private sector.
The Ministry of Mining signed an MOU, with a Japanese company that deals with oil, gas and remote sensing for minerals to equip the ministry with skills and technology on how to develop the resources in the country.
“We are developing two centres of excellence that is ‘Madini Center’, which is a data center on minerals and mining resources in the country, also upgrading the Mineral Certification Laboratory and also develop an Information Center for students,” added Kazungu.
The mining sector contributes to at least 1% of the GDP and the CS is optimistic that with the projects under way they will be able to contribute more than any other sector in the country.

Source : citizentv.co.ke
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