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Tanzania: Dodoma Move Seen As a Blessing for Businesses

Posted on : Monday, 29th August 2016

 Dodoma — The fresh determination by the government to move from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma has brought a fortune to businesses, taxi operators and middlemen.

Several stakeholders confirmed to the 'Daily News' yesterday that things were well and good on their part after President John Magufuli affirmed recently that his government would completely establish its base in the region within the next four years.
His declaration became more practical after the Prime Minister, Mr Kassim Majaliwa, announced that he would permanently shift to his residence in Dodoma from next month.
The move, according to a cross-section of interviewees, had triggered increased movement of guests into the region who have been flocking there to look for land and houses for rent. This has been a 'productive' period for the taxi drivers, businessmen and middlemen whose activities are now paying well.
A taxi driver, Mr Mathew James, said he was happy that the movement of people into the region has increased and brought blessings to his job. "Since the president declared his government's resolve to move to Dodoma, I have been earning good income from increased customers.
Many of them do the rounds, looking for plots to buy or houses for rent," he pointed out. He said previously he could hardly collect enough money to bring to his taxi's owner, but nowadays he could earn extra money that helps him to meet his family's needs.
"It's my hope that when the government comes here, we taxi drivers will benefit more because the population would increase as well as government offices," he remarked. Another taxi driver, Mr Lucas Jacob, said the increased visitors who went for buying land in the region made his pocket swelling.
"It is obvious that once the government settles here in Dodoma the population would increase and would help us get passengers and improve our income," he enthused.
The General Secretary of a middlemen's association in Dodoma, Mtendeni Social Group, Mr Bashiru Omary said: "The president's directive has been a blessing for us. Our incomes have improved as we assured of customers who come here seeking to buy land or houses".
He said many people, many of them from Dar es Salaam, have been their main customers, looking to buy plots at such areas as Kisasa, Ilazo, Nkuhungu and Chang'ombe. The situation was the same to hoteliers.
The Banquets Manager at Dodoma Hotel, Mr Lukindo Kombo, noted that after the government's fresh commitment, they can now receive up to 70 customers during good days. He said it was impossible to get such a number previously.
However, the Acting Dodoma Municipal Council Executive Director, Mr Melkion Komba, cautioned the people on a rush to buy pieces of land in the region to follow proper procedures to avoid incurring losses.
Mr Komba said although the power over land was vested under the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the municipal council is responsible for educating the public. "The warning not to buy land from local people in Dodoma without liaising with local authorities emanates from the fact that CDA has already surveyed and paid out compensation to some of the land owners," Mr Komba said.
He explained that buying the land without liaising with local authorities or even CDA might lead to land conflicts, which will result to losses. "The municipal council is using ward and village administrative officers to educate their public from selling the land because these areas have been ear marked by CDA and some have already received compensations," he noted.
He, however, explained that those who purchased through following proper procedures will receive their rightful compensations. According to Mr Komba, Dodoma municipality has 41 wards, 170 streets and four Divisions, which are Kikomba, Zuzu, Dodoma Mji Mlezi and Mkonze.
When asked whether the municipal council will provide land for the local people who will move to pave way for the construction of government offices, he said CDA will provide them well surveyed plots at a low cost, where they will use the compensation money to construct their houses.
On Saturday, 'Daily News' visited Ihumwa; an area earmarked for government offices and other institutions like the dry port and talked to local government officials. They welcomed the move with high optimism on business expansion, but also expressed fear over middlemen who are helping people get land from local people without involving CDA.

Source : allafrica.com
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