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Create a designer home without breaking the bank

Posted on : Saturday, 27th August 2016

 THE diversity of South Africa’s design industry is good news for cash-strapped households who now have inexpensive options to freshen up their homes in a makeover.

Monique Nel, interior designer and showroom manager, as well as graduate of the Independent Institute of Education (IIE) and Design School Southern Africa (DSSA), explains.
According to Stats SA, South Africans now have less disposable income in their hands to spend on luxuries.
This is due to the Core Inflation Rate in the country increasing by 5,5% in April, compared with the same month the previous year.
A makeover of your home is likely to be at the bottom of your list of priorities when compared to paying off a home bond, vehicle finance, rising food costs, school fees, etc. The list is endless.
However, this needn’t be the case. After all, our homes should be a sanctuary from the madness of the world and a space that is reflective of our personalities, ideals and ambitions.
The good news is that the present state of interior design in South Africa embraces creativity and a diversity that few other countries can boast.
Our ground-breaking design implementations have fused a new energy into the industry. Mushrooming cultural nodes and rising markets have cemented more options for the consumer to invest in budget-friendly fixes for an instant update of their homes.
Breaking down your home’s makeover into small decorating projects is an inexpensive way to create something beautiful out of the mundane.
“I am currently undergoing the same process within my own home and decided to start with my bedroom. Inspired by raw elements, I went in search of neutral-coloured pallets, exposed wooded furniture, roughly woven baskets and rugs, beautiful natural linens and succulent plants,” said Nel.
She added: “Half the fun was shopping around to find the best prices for each item, and I picked up beautiful elements that were within budget.
“I do, however, splash out on one feature piece when designing a room and in most cases this would be my wallpaper.
“Another trick is to up-cycle and put old and new items together. Use what you have and add to that. You’ll be amazed at what a lick of paint can do,” said Nel.
Nel says that when redecorating your home, one should always bear in mind the family’s lifestyle.
“Don’t over think and over accessorise but rather just keep it simple. Start with the basics and add some signature pieces to give the room personality.
“By adding just a few touches of quaintness or eccentricity with your accessories and artwork, you would have created your ideal space,” she said.

Source : www.news24.com
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