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Continental Water Facility to Boost Hydropower and Irrigation in Tanzania

Posted on : Friday, 26th August 2016

The African Water Facility (AWF) has granted Tanzania €2 million for a pre-feasibility study of a multi-purpose dam, irrigation and hydro-power project on the Ruhuhu River.


The AWF is a multilateral fund that provides grants and technical assistance to governments, non-governmental organizations and private-public partnerships to enable them secure investments and implement sustainable water projects in Africa.


It was founded by the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) and is hosted by the African Development Bank (AfDB).


The study of the Kikonge Multipurpose Dam, Irrigation and Hydropower Project, in the south-western part of the country is estimated at €2.5 million. The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility and government of Tanzania will contribute the remaining amount.


The study will cover the irrigation scheme, agro-business development, the dam and its reservoir and the associated hydropower plant and high voltage transmission line.


It will also encompass water supply to local communities, local electricity supply through a mini hydro-power plant, fishing activities, tourism development and other potential water uses in the reservoir area.


Tanzania has a long-standing shortage of power supply. In 2015, most of its hydropower plants, representing 35 per cent of the country’s total generating capacity, were switched off due to low water levels following an extended period without rain.


The dam with an expected annual hydropower generation of 1, 300 Gwh by 2025 will increase Tanzania’s hydropower capacity by 53 per cent, addressing that shortage.


The anticipated dam will also improve availability of water resources for irrigation in the area around the Ruhuhu River, boosting agricultural productivity and additional revenue to local farmers and populations.


Agriculture contributes 27 per cent of Tanzania’s national GDP. This dam will take advantage of its marginally tapped irrigation potential, contributing to the sector’s development. With its numerous rivers, lakes and underground water resources, the country has a huge potential for irrigated agriculture.

The project duration is an estimated 22 months.

Source : footprint2africa.com
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