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Tanzania: Coal Import Ban to Speed Up Local Projects Development

Posted on : Monday, 22nd August 2016

Edenville Energy has welcomed the government move to ban coal import as an impetus in boosting local production.
The government decision gives an opportunity to local based companies to increase production of coal and enable the country's resources to be brought into commercial production and the potential of the local coal industry to be more fully developed.
"Edenville welcomes the government's proactive approach to moving projects from exploration to production and wishes to clarify its position on this significant policy development in Tanzania," reads part of the statement issued by the company yesterday.
It added that the ban on imports of coal has created a significant near term opportunity for coal sales throughout the country and that the company is reviewing its options to contribute to the production accordingly.
According to the statement released by Edenville Energy PLC, which is developing a Coal to Power Project in south west of the country, the government is focusing at promoting more investment in the coal sector for both energy and other uses such as cement production
Tanzania possesses considerable resource of low sulphur coal. Coalfields with the highest potential are Ketawaka-Mchuchuma in the Ruhuhu Basin, Ngaka fields in the South-West of Tanzania and Songwe Kiwira fields. A total of about 5 billion tonnes in reserves have so far been identified.

Coal is currently exploited at Kiwira Coal Mine in Mbeya Region and Tancoal Energy Limited Mine at Ngaka in Ruvuma Region. Coal is used as a fuel and in the production of coke, coal gas, water gas, and many coal-tar compounds. 

Source : allafrica.com
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