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Tanzania: Cyber Firm Releases Technology to Boost Protection Against Unknown Exploits

Posted on : Monday, 15th August 2016

A cyber firm, Sophos, has announced the availability of a better programme for Sophos Intercept, the next generation of advanced endpoint protection in the company's broad portfolio of security solutions.


The senior vice- president and general manager of Enduser Security Group at Sophos, Dan Schiappa, said that with the steady rise of crippling ransom ware, pervasive zero-day exploits and memory resident attacks, sophisticated end-user security technologies are essential for preventing, detecting and responding to today's cyber threats.


Sophos Intercept can be installed and run alongside any competitive endpoint security software, boosting the levels of protection against unknown exploit variants and stealth attacks, with minimal impact to endpoint performance.


Sophos Intercept integrates next-generation endpoint defense technologies into a single product, including the progressive anti-exploit technology acquired with SurfRight in December 2015.


He said the new developments in Sophos Intercept include the industry's most advanced ransom ware prevention capability to block ransom ware before it can lock and cripple systems, progressive exploit detection which blocks zero-day threat variants without the need for file scanning, proven Sophos Clean technology that hunts and removes spyware and deeply embedded, lingering malware and real-time forensic reporting on every attack through an automated incident response dashboard.

"Sophos is changing the way organisations of all sizes view advanced endpoint protection. We're removing management and configuration complexity to deliver next-generation protection that just works. Find the threat, stop it and clean it up completely - even zero-day exploits and persistent malware," said Schiappa.


He added, "By combining the proven and independently verified advanced technology from Sophos with the pioneering exploit protection and remediation innovations from Surf Right, Sophos can deliver the most inclusive, intelligent and intuitive endpoint protection available- real-time interception of malware with zero file scanning."


Sophos customers who are interested in advanced endpoint protection technology and who would like to participate in this beta program should contact their Sophos partner to request an invitation code. A public beta programme is due to open later. Sophos Intercept is scheduled for general release later this year.

Source : allafrica.com
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