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Tanzania: President to Re-Open Dodoma Airport Post Expansion

Posted on : Monday, 18th July 2016

Dodoma — President John Magufuli is expected to grace the re-opening ceremony of Dodoma Airport on Friday, next week, after undergoing a major expansion.

The Dodoma Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Jordan Rugimbana, said here on Wednesday that the expansion was part of the government's initiative to move to the country's designated capital city. "This demonstrates President Magufuli's commitment to move to Dodoma," said Mr Rugimbana when he was speaking at a meeting with Ahamadiyya community members.
The government announced in 1973 to move the capital which is more centrally located in the country so as to serve better the needs of the people. Dodoma was selected for this purpose as it qualifies in every aspect including location, conducive climate, impressive landscapes and had adequate room for development.
He further pointed out that President Magufuli, who is also Commander-inchief of the armed forces, has directed this year's Heroes Day to be held in Dodoma. Speaking on the ruling party (CCM) meeting scheduled to start on 23rd July here, Mr Rugimbana, said the government would take legal action against any institution leader who uses an organisation as a platform to incite people.
He called upon religious leaders to carry out their duties without any hesitation and should refrain from engaging in political activities which was not part of their roles.
"The government supports efforts made by religious institutions in preaching peace and lashing out at evil deeds, including corruption which has been exploiting our nation," he said. The Ahmadiyya Community representative, Mr Abdulrahman Ahmed, said Muslims should observe the religion's pillars, saying they promote peace.
"Islam is not about killing each other or suicide attacks as our fellow worshippers have been misleading members of the public," he said. Mr Ahmed said the Ahmadiyya community has enjoyed good relations with the government since independence because its teachings promote peace, adding that the teachings prevent people to mix up politics with religion.

Source : allafrica.com
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