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Tanzania: Farmers to Benefit from New Chemical-Free Crop Storage Technology

Posted on : Wednesday, 8th June 2016

Tanga — Farmers in the region are soon to benefit from local firm's PPTL new technology which will allow them to store crops after harvesting.

Dubbed Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS), the technology allows farmers to store crops in polyethylene without having to bother with the use of chemicals.
According to PPTL country representative Mr Lusekelo Panja, the PICS bags have three layers which don't allow oxygen to enter the bag thus killing any pests.
The technology was developed by the Department of Entomology of the University of Purdue in West Lafayette, in the USA after research conducted in Cameroon, revealed Mr Panja.
Current Mr Panja said researchers are also checking to see if seeds stored in PICS bags can stay viable for planting.
In Tanzania, according to Panja, the company has already introduced the bags in Kagera and Iringa farmers. According to him farmers have received the technology positively.

Source : allafrica.com
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