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Tanzania: Huge Gold Deposits Discovered At Geita's Mgusu Mining Site

Posted on : Saturday, 27th June 2015

 Geita — EXPLORATIONS conducted at the Mgusu mining site have discovered huge deposits of gold, with the current surveys at only four plots, revealing that over 430,000 ounces of gold are available.

According to the report, the four plots out of 16 at Mgusu underwent intensive drilling and surveying which showed the area was capable of producing more than nine tons of gold that have remained underground due to poor mining technology applied in the meantime.
Mgusu Mine is one of the mining sites under the small-scale miners who have been working on the area for the past 27 years.
Briefing CCM Secretary General, Mr Abdulrahman Kinana, who visited the area, the Chairman of Mgusu Miners Cooperative Society Ltd, Mr Hamis All, said poor technology applied by the small-scale miners was an obstacle to efficient mining.
"We ask the government, through the Geological Survey of Tanzania, to undertake the surveys at the remaining 16 plots to uncover more mineral resources at this site and support us with technical capacity," he told the party leader.
Due to poor technology and lack of reliable production statistics, the society has also failed to come to the reliable gold production data by small-scale miners for the period they started mining with estimates showing 4,000 grams were produced from 2012 only.
Apart from requesting for modern mining equipment, Mr Ally requested Mr Kinana to forward their call for other material and financial supports, including connection of reliable electricity.
Mgusu, with a population of 9,000 people, has registered the mining society with more than 514 members who own over 2,000 mining areas.
However, state of social services at the area has remained a challenge with reports showing Mgusu has no health services and reliable water supply, rendering health of the 'wananchi' at high risk.
One of the residents, Mr Charles Muhangwa, who has lived at the area for more than 15 years, said the government should at least construct the dispensary and save lives of people who are now forced to travel to Geita town, which is 45 km away.
"There is high prevalence of communicable diseases like HIV apart from others like Urinary Tract Infections and typhoid due to intake of contaminated water," he complained.
Transport to Geita was also problematic with available few commuters charging more than 3000/- per single route to Geita, while during emergencies one has to part with more than 30,000/- to rush a patient to hospital.
Mr Kinana was irked by the reports of some of the small miners being asked to relocate from the surveyed areas that are believed to be handed over to the mining investors.
He promised to help them revisit the matter since it was not fair for surveys done in 1996 to relocate the people who have been at the area since 1987 using investors as an excuse.
The CCM leader said the government has to revisit the current procedures that give exclusive rights to investors at the expense of indigenous people, insisting that all those who have asked to relocate should stay on until all the compensation procedures were completed.

Source : allafrica.com
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