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Tanzania: Hai District Launches Road Maintenance Second Phase

Posted on : Monday, 19th January 2015

 Hai — HAI District has launched the second phase of road maintenance, this time around targeting Hai small town area that was elevated to the status recently.Hai District Commissioner (DC), Mr Novatus Makunga said that the ongoing work involves major renovation of the roads to tarmac level on a piece that links Moshi - Arusha Road with the District Hospital.

Other areas include Gezaulole, Kingerera, Dorcas and Bomani, making the total costs for roads in Hai small town to 44m/-.
He urged the public not to be bothered by the type of maintenance, assuring them that it would be different from what used to happen in previous years, due to the fact that Hai Ward has assumed a small town status.
The town has three wards namely: Bomang'ombe, Bondeni and Muungano, that comprise 17 villages. The district has been engaged in routine, periodic maintenance of its roads as well as spots improvement by using funds dished by Roads Fund in the financial year 2014/15.
In his August last year report, Mr Makunga showed that 138.59 kilometres of roads, including bridges were put under construction, repair, routine maintenance, spot improvement and periodic maintenance at a cost of 1,026,434,000/- issued by the Fund.
The maintenance included construction and renovation of bridges and culverts. Mr Makunga said the main objective of the phase is to strengthen the infrastructure and make sure is in good condition for use, avert dust and steer economic development as traders would use it in transporting goods, such as crops from the farms.
The DC's statement comes after some people expressed their concern on the state of roads in Hai small town, saying they were too dusty that people engaged in economic activities along the roads find it difficult to operate in the areas. Mr Makunga said the district council was implementing its activities in transparency and it has made public the funds made available to it from the Road Fund and went further to categorise how each activity was done and its costs, as he released it in August, last year.
He said that the ongoing maintenance is what was shelved between January and March, under which 12 kilometres are involved in Hai town.The DC said the rehabilitation includes the drainage system as a groundwork for construction of the roads to tarmac level by phases, as the district plans to build at least a section of one kilometre by using own resources.
"The previous Regional Consultative Committee (RCC) meeting as well as Regional Road Fund Board passed a resolution, to the effect that every district should plan on how to construct at least a kilometre long tarmac road using own resources," said Mr Makunga.

Source : http://allafrica.com/stories/201501160144.html
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